SunRay Engineering is an alternative energy company that engineers and manufactures solar products and systems for residential and commercial uses.
SunRay Engineering  engineers and manufactures solar powered pool pumps, that are cost effective, durable, and will save you money on your energy bills
SunRay Engineering harnessing natures energy to manufacture the latest solar technology - Our Solar Pool Pump

   Florida Solar Energy Center has certified our solar pool pump
F.S.E.C. Certified

The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.


SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pumps

The SunRay line of Solar Products are all designed to be off the grid systems for effectively moving water using solar power. Our engineering and manufacturing experience allows us to use the latest solar technology to create systems for today's consumer needs.

Solar Powered Products

SunRay SolFlo 1
(Solar Pool Pump, 61GPM, 32FT Head, 90VDC, Brush Type Motor - Use 2 -190/250 watt to 3-250 watt panels wired in series for up to 5-15,000 gal pool for filtration)

SunRay SolFlo 2
(Solar Pool Pump, 50GPM, 50FT Head, 120VDC, Brushless Motor | Solar Pump Controller | Use 2 -190 watt to 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 7000 gal pool for filtration only Use3- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 15,000 gal pool for filtration only Use 4- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 20,000 gal pool for filtration.)

SunRay SolFlo 3
Solar Pool Pump, 80GPM, 55FT Head, 180VDC, Brushless Motor | Solar Pump Controller, 120-180VDC, 12.5 Amps | Use 5- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 20,000 gal pool for filtration | Use 7- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 30,000 gal pool for filtration |

SunRay SolFlo 4
(Solar Pool Pump, 115GPM, 60FT Head, 3.5HP, 3000RPM, 240VDC, Brushless Motor | Solar Pump Controller, 180-240VDC, 12.5 Amps | Use 7- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 25,000 gal pool for filtration. Use 8- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 35,000 gal pool for filtration. Use 16- 250 watt panels wired in series for up to 115gpm at 25 psi/ 58' lift or for up to 35,000 gal +plus pool for filtration)


SunRay Engineering manufactures systems to utilize solar electric power to pump water. It is cost-effective for swimming pools, especially where utility rates (or daytime peak rates) are very high. A pool pump is often one of the largest electrical loads in a home.

A solar pump is practical because the need for filtration is greatest during sunny weather. It is perfect for pumping through solar heat collectors because the circulation requirement corresponds with solar intensity. SunRay pumps are built with efficiency in mind. They use significantly less power than traditional AC pool pumps to produce the same pressure and flow. There is a built-in standard basket strainer.


SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pumps - Brushless motor is ultra-efficient and maintenance free - Pre wired and Tested before shipping - ready to install - Produces Zero Pollution


Pump End Sun Ray Series

  • monoblock-type pump with integrated strainer tank
  • bellow mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protected sleeve
  • motor/pump shaft has no contact with fluid
  • total electric separation
  • strainer capacity approximately .8 gallons
  • strainer basket mesh size approx. 3.2 x 2.6

Motor ECDRIVE Sun Ray

  • BLDC, maintenance-free motor

Sun Ray Controller

  • mounted at surface (no submerged electronic parts)
  • protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature
  • solar operation: integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • battery operation: low voltage disconnect and restart
  • maximum efficiency 92 %(motor + controller)



Technical Data

Sun Ray Series Solar operation
flow rate, max. 15 m3/h / 4,000 US Gal./h
lift, max. 14 m / 46 ft
ambient temperature -30° C to +45° C

Motor Controller
input voltage solar generator:
nominal voltage 48 to 72 V DC
open circuit voltage max. 150 V DC
type of enclosure IP 54
dimensions (net/packing) 395 x 175 x 165 mm / 450 x 250 x 240 mm (0,0270 m3)
weight (net/gross) 4.5 kg / 5.3 kg
power input, max. 600 W
type of enclosure IP X4
class of insulation F
Pump End Speck Pump
suction, positive inlet lift, max. 3 m
casing pressure, max. 2.5 bar
water temperature, max. 60° C
Pump unit
(motor + pump end)
dimensions (net/packing) 520 x 220 x 350 mm (0,0400m³)
weight (net/gross) 8.7 kg / 9.7 kg




The SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pump Concept

The conventional residential swimming pool pump uses electricity from the grid. On average, in the US, the cost of that electricity is about $60 to $90 per month for a residential pool. If that pump can be replaced with one that doesn't require electricity from the grid, the pool owner can use that savings to pay for the cost of the replacement.

Using a simple calculation sheet, amperage taken from the data plate on the existing pump, the hours the pump is operated each day and the cost of electricity, we can calculate with great accuracy the actual monthly cost to operate a pool pump.

The data plate on an existing pump so you can calculate your savings using solar power

Calculate your savings using solar power:

  1. Pool pump motor volts x motor amps =watts
  2. Divide by 1000 = (KWH)
  3. Multiply this by hours a day (run time)
  4. Multiply by number of days in billing cycle = Number of KWH saved per month
  5. Multiply by cost of KWH = monthly savings
  6. Multiply the monthly savings by 12 = Annual Savings

Example for a 1.5HP A/C pump

  1. 230 volts x 9.3 = 2139 watts
  2. 2139 / 1000 = 2.139 KWH
  3. 2.139 x 10 hours = 21.39
  4. 21.39 x 30 days = 641.7 KWH/month
  5. 641.7 x .129 cents per KWH = $82.78
  6. $82.78 X 12 months = $993.35

The savings on electricity will vary depending upon the pool pump model and size as well as how long you run your pool pump per day.